SCCM Client Installation BG Error context is 2


I am getting below error while installing SCCM client on Win 10 1909 version.

BGerror context is 2.

Download Update: A recoverable error has occurred.  A retry attempt will be made. Error: 0x80200010, Description There are currently no active network connections. Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) will try again when an adapter is connected, Context: The error occurred in the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) queue manager.


Please suggest.

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    In ccmsetup.log it is showing same error.

  1. Any update? Did the above replied helped to resolve the issue?



    How you installed SCCM agent on client?
    What Returncode you finally get on CCMSetup.log? this will help to provide more information.

    Generally when we open CCMSetup.log we can see few error lines. but finally that error code 0 will be consider as successfully installed.



    Hello Sunil, “Error 0x80200010” during client installation occurs when no default gateway is configure or ping request is not reachable – To fix this add the default gateway in network adapter TCP/IPv4.

    Once done, let us update on progress.

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