SCCM client installation on Azure joined device using E-HTTP


how to install sccm client on Azure AD joined devices, CMG is already configured but keep getting error on client device while installing, using E-HTTP options.

Please create a video on configuration of CMG(E-HTTP) and client installation.

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  1. As soon as I imported Enterprise Root CA on client device SCCM Agent installation get Done Successfully.

    I was in impression that no certificates would be required in client, if devices joined to Azure AD but I was wrong client must have Enterprise Root CA if using Internal Authority.
    If using Third Party Cert for CMG then windows client Already having root CA Available.

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  2. Client installation is pretty simple as all other installations. The only thing you need to keep in mind that for ehttp and azure ad joined machines to authenticate you need to enable azure ad user discovery. Otherwise client agent installation will fail to get initial token from MP

    • Device is pure Azure AD joined, user discovery enabled is also enabled but client installation getting failed


      <![LOG[[CCMHTTP] ERROR INFO: StatusCode= StatusText=]LOG]!>

  3. We don’t have video now … but the process of ehttp is explained here

    • followed the same guide to configure CMG but getting error on client device while installing SCCM Agent.


      <![LOG[[CCMHTTP] ERROR INFO: StatusCode= StatusText=]LOG]!>

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