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Hi All,

Please help me with the following scenario

Out of total 28kdevices spread across globe, we have ~10-15k devicesĀ  who are on the internet now(not sure how frequently they connect to VPN) and being managed by different tools other than SCCM(PDQ Deploy. Tanium etc).

We also have SCCM Hierarchy with CMG setup which manages clients for only few regions. Other regions are being managed by Non-SCCM tools

Our aim is to install SCCM agents using above SCCM hierarchy to all those devices not having it and subsequently manage them using SCCM.

Can you pls let me know the best client installation method ( bandwidth effective) in this scenario. if we can use CMG, then what pre-requisites should we fulfill ? ( like the need of PKI infra or do we need to have the devices to be Azure AD domain joined etc)

Thanks in Advance

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  1. CO-management with Intune is the best option here?

    Enroll those devices into Intune. Once the devices are Intune managed, you can deploy SCCM client from Intune using CMG.

    Does this work for you?

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