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One of my server is not getting policies from MP. Seems like it’s a SCCM client site code discovery issue. Have attached screenshot of Locationservices.log, ClientIDManagerStartUp.log and configuration manager properties. I checked the firewall and confirmed that connectivity with require ports are fine.Initially Site code was added in AssignedSiteCode under ComputerHKLMSoftwareMicrosoftSMSMobile Client. How ever, there is no luck even after modifying the registry.  Can some one help here?SCCM Client Issue

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    Verify and Boundary and Boundary Group.
    Verify your respective assigned management point is up and running fine.
    Verify the auto client site assignment is enabled.
    Verify the SCCM related port from that machine.


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    Are your boundaries set properly ? the machine in question falls under that boundary ?

    Hope you have configured the boundary groups and referenced the site system too

    One more to thing hope you do not have duplicate machines ?

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