Sccm client machine take a specific set of time period to download the package/App for example 1hour


When any app/pkg pushed thru SCCM, the client machine takes specific amount of time to trigger download on machine. Is there any any client policy defined for this in SCCM ??



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    I have seen organizations using Network QoS to control the SCCM network traffic. If the SCCM traffic is given low priority, then it will take its own time to download policy. Though i am not sure whether this is your issue but worth a check.

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  2. I don’t know unless and until you analyze the relevant log files and share the log snippets here.

    Best way is to analyze the log files

  3. Next policy cycle .. sccm client policy cycle is by default 90 minutes


      Thanks Anoop for your reply. That`s true about the client policy polling. But my issue is when pkg/app is pushed to sccm client machine (irrespective of size), machine takes exact 1hr to download and then triggers installation (even the size of less than 1Mb). So i believe there will be some client settings through which it can be controlled.

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