SCCM Client State is Unknown Fix?


we have an environment that state messages are not reporting to the sccm from client annd now the machines(win10,win7,aws etc are showing unknown

Mp is working fine

In IIS everything good

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    In additional to about steps also check the Registry.pol file date under C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy\Machine\
    if it shows old date/month/year delete it and run the following Clients Actions on the machine which will re-generate registry.pol and shows in compliance.

    1) machine policy retrieval & evaluation cycle
    2) Software update Scan Cycle
    3) Software update Deployment Evaluation cycle

    Basically, this file ideally have the Group Policy WSUS setting and the above step has worked for me.


  1. Scanagent.log is the place you should look into if this is related to software updates unknown state. Also if the ?

    Or are you worried about the unknown state in SCCM console under devices or device collections node? If so, try this

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