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we have recently upgrade our sccm to 2002.

now we need to upgrade the client. But as the laptop devices are  not getting new client even after connecting to VPN.

Saw the ccmsetup log file. It gives error as:-

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The laptops are also enrolled to MDM.

Can you please suggest on this. Can we deploy the new client through intune or should troubleshoot for VPN.


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    You should be able to get them on as normal… as long your VPN boundaries are configured correctly.

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    A few things. I doubt the issue is with the first two things I’ve listed below, but…..

    1. Check to see if you have promoted the client by right-clicking the update in the Update and Servicing section.

    2. Check in Hierarchy Settings to see if you have a similar configuration.

    Can you verify that your MP is working? What’s the status of “Intranet” based clients meaning those in the network without VPN? Are they able to communicate with the MP and receive policies?

    Are you using IBCM or CMG, or none?


    – Try to answer the questions asked by Guru! That helps us to know about your environment configuration.

    – Share the complete log & Its always good to troubleshoot instead of direct looking for alternate solutions quickly.


    How was the earlier MECM client version got upgraded ?
    Did VPN boundaries worked that time ?
    Do you have CMG as well ?


      1. Earlier clients got upgraded as laptops came to the office network, now due to covid-19 situation laptops are at home. So to get the client upgrade the laptops need to be connected to VPN. correct?
      Is there any extra configuration we need to do for VPN clients to get the new version.

      2. I guess no…. As the laptops got new cloent after comming to office.
      So please suggest is there any firewall or ports or portocols which need to be worked on.

      3. Yes CMG is configured now….but still need to test as it is working or not.


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