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Hi all
We are upgrading our sccm client on production systems
But some of these systems have maintenance windows

  1. Is their any method to bypass this so that the client can be installed
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Deepanshu Verma 7 months 3 Answers 99 views Beginner 0

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  1. Hi,

    First create the SCCM Client upgrade package using SCCM package model deployment. then while deploying the package on respective collection then there is an option to override the maintenance window for this specific deployment. you can select this option to bypass the maintenance window.


  2. Just set the Hierarchy Settings for the client upgrade from the default 7 days to 1 day, and they should start upgrading sooner than later.

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  3. You can put them in different collection which doesn’t have any maintenance windows and perform client push / upgrade.

    Any challenges with this ?

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