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how are you handling identifying sccm clients that are unhealthy? trying to find the best approach as usually we find issues when the clients arent installing patches we find out the the sccm client is having issues. i wanted to see how your being proactive on keeping the clients healthy?

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  2. There are many reports about this issue

    Also Microsoft provide client health paid service through PFE

    One community –

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  3. The following my brain dumb about this SCCM / ConfigMgr client health issues and strategic approach


      thanks anoop. i read through this out techs dont have access to the console. didnt know if any had a report they were using that collected all the information so that it can be determined if the system is having issues. wasnt sure is anyone had a procedure they used or report they were willing to share. trying to make it as easy as possible for them, but making my life hard because i keep getting pulled way to look at other things.

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