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As per Microsoft all the internet-based clients will get the software update content from Windows Update. This update content download (from windows update) will use local internet which will choke the low bandwidth sites. If we are going to force all datacenter to use CMG – will branch cache or Peer cache or any other caching technologies work with CMG within datacenter to share the content? Or can we redirect the software update content download from local DP( if we setup local DP) instead of going to Windows update, so that local client will get the content from local DP? If yes, I assume we can use existing on-prem data center Primary Server to setup CMG for Servers in datacenter.

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  1. Are you talking about server management?
    What you meant by “we are going to force all datacenter to use CMG”
    Yes, you can use local DP instead of the internet. You can also use peer cache and branch cache.


      Yeah,it’s for server patch management. Our plan is going to host all sccm components in Azure with cmg installed. After that we are going to use cmg for servers through internet, so that all servers will be used cmg for patching and application deployment. We have few low bandwidth sites where we are going to use peer cache technology to reduce number of downloads for cmg enabled servers. I have 2 is place one DP and transfer the content from azure to dp one time then remaining local clients will get content from dp. Second plan is just use peer cache and avoid dp so that clients will use peer cache. I am not sure will that work and all servers Wil be in datacenters but connected to cmg through internet.

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