SCCM Co-managed Windows Update Reports


If i have configured sccm co-management & move windows update workload to Intune & deploying windows update using Intune ring then from where i can get windows update reports from SCCM or Intune for intranet / internet facing systems?

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    Clients are co-managed …. they have not left the MECM environment, so I think you still be able to run the default compliance reports or the one what Deepak already mentioned as sql query


    Clients are still intact with SCCM Right? No matter how you install you can still fetch the compliance status from SCCM DB


    Select name0 AS [Machine Name], sys.User_Name0, ui.Title AS [Patch Title], (CASE ucs.status WHEN 2 THEN ‘Required’ WHEN 1 THEN ‘NOT REQUIRED’ WHEN 0 THEN ‘INSTALL STATE UNKNOWN’ WHEN 3 THEN ‘Installed’ END) AS [Install Status] , dbo.v_AuthListInfo.Title as [Update Group],
    ui.ArticleID, (CASE UI.IsExpired WHEN 0 THEN ‘NOT EXPIRED’ WHEN 1 THEN ‘EXPIRED’ END) AS [EXPIRY], (CASE UI.IsSuperseded WHEN 0 THEN ‘NOT Superseded’ WHEN 1 THEN ‘Superseded’ END) AS [SEPERSEDENCE] , (CASE ui.Severity WHEN 0 then ‘none’ when 2 then ‘low’ WHEN 6 then ‘MODERATE’ WHEN 8 THEN ‘IMPORTANT’ WHEN 10 THEN ‘CRITICAL’ END) AS [SEVERITY] , ui.DatePosted AS DateReleased, ucs.LastStatusChangeTime AS DateInstalled
    FROM dbo.v_ClientCollectionMembers INNER JOIN
    dbo.v_R_System AS sys ON dbo.v_ClientCollectionMembers.ResourceID = sys.ResourceID LEFT OUTER JOIN
    dbo.v_CIRelation INNER JOIN
    dbo.v_UpdateInfo AS ui INNER JOIN
    dbo.v_UpdateComplianceStatus AS ucs ON ui.CI_ID = ucs.CI_ID ON dbo.v_CIRelation.ToCIID = ui.CI_ID INNER JOIN
    dbo.v_AuthListInfo ON dbo.v_CIRelation.FromCIID = dbo.v_AuthListInfo.CI_ID ON sys.ResourceID = ucs.ResourceID
    GROUP BY sys.Name0, ui.IsExpired, UI.IsSuperseded, ucs.status, ui.Severity, dbo.v_AuthListInfo.Title, dbo.v_ClientCollectionMembers.CollectionID, sys.User_Name0, ui.ArticleID, ui.Title, ui.DatePosted , ucs.LastStatusChangeTime
    HAVING (ui.IsExpired = 0) AND
    (dbo.v_AuthListInfo.Title like ‘Name of SUG’) AND (dbo.v_ClientCollectionMembers.CollectionID like ‘collectionID’)
    ORDER BY sys.Name0

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