SCCM Dashboard -SCCM Over all health Checkup custom report required.


Hi Team,

I would like to create a SCCM over all health checkup custom report which is need to alter by email. Can someone please help me how to setup the report and if someone have any query’s or any RDL file please help me to setup in my environment.

Please do the needful.


Thank you.



Answers ( 2 )

  1. You can try SCCM Server Infrastructure Monitoring Script without SCOM OpsMgr Automation ConfigMgr?

    Another one is ConfigMgr MP Health Check Script | SCCM Endpoint Manager


      Thank you for your information.

      Is it possible to get like overall Sccm health checkup custom report. Like primary site and MP and DP and Sccm client status in a single report.

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