SCCM Decommission process.


Hi Team,

Need you valuable guidance, I am planning to decommission SCCM environment completely and move the things to cloud.

So far I  have moved all the machines to Intune by co-managment process. All the workloads are now switched to Intune.

What I know is?

1 . All on prem application source need to be backup in cloud and created in Intune as LOB or Win32 format application.

2. Backup of important documents etc.

3. Suppose we have 1 cas, 3 primary and 50 servers.

So we could start from bottom by removing the roles from each server one by one and uninstall the client from each server.


Could you please help me one what else need to be taken care before and after sccm decomission? Only motive here to completely disable the sccm and decomission the server.

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  1. It’s not easy as installing and deploying new servers 🙂

    I have some documentation out here ..hopefully some help from those posts…

    You will need to take back up of sources files if you don’t have any other back … keep the snapshot of the server for some time if that is possible …keep it in shutdown stage also before deleting it

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