sccm deletes software update folders in the share location.


Hi Team,

My environment contains 1 Primary site and 2o DP and 2 SUP points and 2 MPS.

Every Patching cycle we will download the pathes on the share location


Previously used to select the existing deployment package.

Ex: All windows8 updates to windows8 folder.

All windows10 updates to Windows10 Folder etc.

Recently i have changed the process by creating month wise deployment package for servers, Windows8 and Win10 Patches.

We will create a folder ex:- 2020-11 server Patching,2020-11 win8 etc

And download the patches to these folders.

Last month i have observed all the existing folders are deleted in the share.

After verifying with server team able to understand Config Manger Primary site server account is deleting the folders.

Need your help to fix the problem.


Satsih Thota


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    Hi Anoop,

    Thanks for looking in to the issue.

    I have done the same mistake which is mentioned in above article.
    Will monitor this situation couple of days and let you know my findings.

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    HI Anoop,

    Thanks for looking in to it.
    I got logs from sever team where my Config Manager Primary site system account is deleting these folders.

    Primarysite system account=$Machinename.

    Satish Thota.

    • I have no further answers because I don’t see any option for the system account deleting these folders.

      There could some scripts or some other process might be using server account

      Do you see the IP and date + time of that deletion?

      and check the SCCM logs and event logs to understand further this issue

  1. I think the server account or SCCM won’t delete the source files from that shared location.

    The only chance is someone mentioned the wrong path when they ran the patch package creation wizard for that month.

    Wrong the package source path (UNC) is given probably?

    More details

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