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currently this is burning issue,
I’m currently working on Distribution Points applications content tidy-up assignment.
I have removed content from distribution points group from SCCM console->Administration->Distribution Points Groups->Selected Group->Right click ‘Content’ tab and Selected app and deleted it(same was advised in one of your articles).

the application size was 12GB so we assumed 12GB free space should have been created on the DP server but DP space didn’t move an inch. also, this application didn’t have multiple revisions.

can you please advise how we can actually remove content from DP servers to free up space.

please advise at the earliest.

Thank you
Naushad Ali

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    Have you tried to check the server tool for cleaning up contentlibrary cleanup tool.


      Thank you Ankit for your response. we did use the tool which tool 5hrs to analyze fragmentes data and failed with below error, “System.InvalidOperationException: This content library cannot be cleaned up right now because package BL1xxxx is not fully installed”. I’m aware that we need to stop BL1xxx application/package content from attempting to distribute content on DPs. But yeah, please advise if any improvised/advanced tool which can get accurate details and help to cleanup mess.


        As far I know I haven’t used any advanced tool for cleaning up content.
        Content cleanup has always been messy with sccm but content library cleanup helps alot to troubleshoot.
        You can follow the guide of Anoop to track down content distribution step by step at first level why package is not fully installed at first place which can give you an idea.

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