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Hello Experts,


I am running into a strange issue wherein SCCM DP drive spanning is not working and while new packages are distributed, the contents are failing each time.

Validated that another drive without no sms file hence contents should automatically take the empty drive but not.

Already distributed the packages (Aug updates) to other dps and successful.

Please advise and help …!

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    Thanks Prashant but we already thought of this. Believe CLT will help in transfer all the content from one drive to another and not otherwise selectively.

    The problem here is drive spanning isn’t working as it should despite all settings in place so far.

    Any other advices please.. Also, the content been transferred is approx 25 gigs. Chances are that it’s failing in loop or threads are break in between.

    Still not much luck ….


    Try content library transfer tool. Before doing it go through details reading..


    Is there any settings or method to force ask contents to copy to new drive instead of old full drive …?



    Server team have added new disks as old drives were full. Now s per the mechanism new content should go to that drive but that’s not happening.
    Content s are yet trying to go to old drive and then failing eventually.

    Please advise if there’s any settings to change as the new contents should ideally go to drive with max free spce.

  1. It’s interesting that no error msg when you redtribute the package?


    Hope the drive is selected in distribution properties ?


    Yes sir … Log files checked and registry keys checked as well on dp. All seem to be in place..

  2. First you need to check the log files …

    Distmgr.log and PkgXferMgr.log to have more details

    Have you already checked this ?

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