SCCM Error createnewuefibootsystem() failed 0x80070070


I’ve just updated ConfigMgr from 2103 to 2111.

I also updated ADK & WinPE add-on to Windows 11 version (10.1.22000.1). MDT did not require updating, version 6.3.8456.1000 is installed. Toolkit, settings package, and USMT steps used are from MDT 8450 release. No issues prior to the 2111 upgrade.

The existing custom boot image was updated after the 2111 upgrade. Successfully deployed our Windows 10 20H2 build to a VMware workstation virtual machine. However, physical builds (HP desktops & laptops) are failing at the same step.
It fails at a restart step. I forgot to screenshot the errors in the smsts.log.

createnewuefibootsystem() failed. 0x80070070

Has anyone had any issues with Windows 11 ADK and Windows 10 20H2 OSD bare-metal deployments? Asked by Darren McDermott

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  1. Darren McDermott – Author
    The problem was due to the partition size being too small. The winpe boot image has increased in size with the latest win11 based adk. I increased the partition size and the builds are now working correctly.

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  2. Matt Page
    Was about to do the same upgrades and were a HP shop still building on 20H2 but with standard boot disks…. Think I may hold off the SCCM Upgrade or at least the ADK for Win 11..
    Which step is it restarting at? Post WIM install? After drivers? Post CM a Client install?

    Darren McDermott -Author
    Its prior to Bitlocker Pre-provisioning and OS installation disk partitioning. I format the disk several times in the early stages whilst I set & clear BIOS and TPM status. I will watch a build tomorrow and see the exact place (I should have done this but I forgot before leaving the office for the day).

    Matt Page
    I wonder if your bootdisk has some drivers missing… I guess you could try rolling the ADK back and re-creating the boot disks as a last ditch attempt.

    Adrian Moss
    If it is failing on a reboot prior to the os being installed check the reboot step is putting you back in PE

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