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Hi all,

I have dynamic group based collection where has all systems are part of many application deployments.  Need to exclude one system from only one application. how can I do that? If I remove PC from collection that would remove all exiting application deployment. can anyone suggest please.




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    Hi Rajesh,

    It not possible to exclude one machine from deployments if it is available in deployment enabled collection,

    In your case you need to create create separate collection for this specific deployment and exclude machine from the collection.

    And also as Guru said it not good practice for all deployments to single collection.


    Have you explored exclude rule options in collections ?

    Also I think in your case all application deployments are targeted to a single collection – I guess not a good practice to follow

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    Hello Rajesh, Are you looking to exclude one system from “Single Application” deployment which is part of mass deployment ?

    You can create a separate collection with single machine in that you don’t want to perform deployment.

    – In targeted collection > Properties. On the Membership Rules tab, then in the “Add Rule” drop down menu, choose Exclude Collection, and point it to the collection containing computers you want to exclude from this deployment.

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