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Out of the total clients that are reporting to SCCM we have around 500 duplicate machine IDs. We are aware that SCCM identifies its clients through the GUIDs and that the GUIDs for these duplicates would be different to the original. These duplicates are rendered obsolete if they go to inactive state and are cleaned up through the Delete Obsolete Client Discovery Data maintenance task. We have set this to 60 days

Could someone please help with the below query:

  1. For the duplicate/obsolete machines with client status ‘No’ is there any way that we could find its last heartbeat date so that we can be sure that these machines are removed after the 60 days through the above mentioned maintenance task.
  2. Where can we find the setting that shows that an inactive client moves to NO status in a particular number of days. I could find under the client settings that a client moves to inactive state in 7 days but how to find in how many days it goes to NO status.

We are having SCCM 1902.

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    The duplicate should automatically be fixed by ConfigMgr itself …

    Check the collection query in the below post to identify the duplicate devices

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