SCCM Interaction with AWS Workspaces desktop


Dear Team, Anyone have idea, How SCCM interact with AWS Workspaces desktop environment. We are planning provision 100+ desktop in AWS Workspaces cloud. Application deployment to managed through SCCM. If any have exposure, please help me with some documentation
SCCM is in our On-prem environment
Also, Let know CMG is mandatory to interact with AWS cloud?

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    Thank you Anoop. Will check it


    It’s all about network communication.

    If you have a network communication…and ports opened between your SCCM and that environment. It might work well

    Obviously CMG can be installed only on Azure. You can’t install CMG in AWS or Amazon data center

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    You can deploy applications to your WorkSpaces by using your existing on-premises SCCM .

    CMG is not mandatory for this however you need to consider some additional requirements like AD connector or simple AD , Direct connect or VPN between AWS VPC and to your on-prem datacenter.

    As usual you need to get the MECM required ports opened up.

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