SCCM Migration- content transfer from old DP to new DP


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SCCM migration (  SCCM 2012 R2 to CB 2006) doing. How to transfer the content ( applications/packages/images/all) from Old environment DP to new environment DP ?
contenttransfer.exe will work here?


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    I believe you are right. Read all about it. Explained with screenshot by our HOD Anoop Nair :)

    It’s old as written in 2013 but still valid. Beauty of the article is:

    1. What we can do using The Content Library Explorer (ContentLibraryExplorer.exe)
    2. Access required for connecting to a Distribution Point with The Content Library Explorer (ContentLibraryExplorer.exe)
    3. How to Use The Content Library Explorer (ContentLibraryExplorer.exe)

    Please get back to us if any questions. Happy learning.

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