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Looking forward for some input regarding smooth migration of sccm from one server to another? Best practices?? if possible can connect existing CM DB to a new installation and have the same SITE CODE and IP as the previous one? if so what are the precautions to be taken???
Currently CM in Server 2012 R2, Plan – To upgrade Server OS to 2019

Currently SQL in 2016 – Lift that to SQL 2019.

In case of creating everything from start a new SCCM server connected to db and so on. How does migration of applications, task sequences are done. In either way just Task sequence is the only one need to be migrated otherwise.

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    There are a few options.
    1. Do an in-place OS upgrade of the server
    2. Do a SQL backup from current server and restore on new server
    3. Build a new server, and use the Migration Wizard tool to migrate content, applications, etc.

    My first choice would be to do an in-place OS upgrade. I would upgrade SQL first to SQL 2019 and install the necessary CUs. I would also remove the SUP role and uninstall WSUS before doing the upgrade. Also, if the current server is a VM, I would capture a clean snapshot (before doing any tasks), capture another after after upgrading SQL, and another before the OS upgrade step. Once the server OS is upgraded, install the necessary patches, reboot as necessary, install WSUS, and configure the SUP role. Then check for site status and component status in ConfgMgr and address those if there are any errors.

    My 2nd choice would be to build a new server and use the migration method. Here are some resources:

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  1. Hello Valavan,

    √ This Guide will help you to understand the migration process


    You are basically upgrading the OS platform here in that case I feel the best option would be full SQL backup and restore.
    You cant have two servers with same site code running !!!!


      If i do a full back up of SQL and restore, doesn’t the database hold traces of Site code so on?? Could you just write in point form??
      Like step by step form.

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