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I’d be glad if you assist me .

I have been trying to find a solution, how to transfer network settings in the WinPE stage to full OSD TS. We don’t use DHCP for servers or PXE. I have built Boot image ISO which we use to boot the server for Vms and ILO then on the WinPE screen we put the network info like IP address, DNS, etc. Then it finds the Task seq list and after selecting Task sequence I have configured Task seg Variables for all custom settings required like Domain name, IP address, DNS, Domain join account detail with a password in “All unknown Computers collection” and few variables in Task sequence step.

With this method, I have to enter network setting info twice, first during the WinPE stage then after Task sequence selection. I want to add some variable or script in the task seq step or in Boot image WinPE so that I do not have to enter the IP address, Mask, Default gateway, DNS twice.

I would be glad if you could help me with this.

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    Thanks Anoop , I’m not using MDT task sequence. Can I use this step in SCCM only task sequence?.

  1. Task Sequence variable is asking for all these details twice if I understand it correctly.

    Have you seen this?

    Use Toolkit Package
    Run Command Line with the following command: cscript %ScriptRoot%\ZTINICConfig.wsf /ForceCapture

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