SCCM OSD Remote Offices Offline Scenario



We currently utilise the traditional wipe and load deployment method for win 10 deployment – traditional domain join

The usually set up with DP’s per site (traditional)

However, i need a solution to deploy to machines, where sites cannot host local infrastructure for building devices or connect over the WAN.

building via usb was a thought however, theres the issue of no access to the network.

In reality i would put forth autopilot /azure ad – device writeback however its a future enhancement not current.

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  1. I have seen this before. Please try yourself 🙂

  2. Hello – I think the only option is OFFLINE Media (full offline media).

    I think you might have already familiar with this option. Do you see any limitation with this … if can you please let us what are your connectivity concerns with offline media


      Hi Anoops thanks for taking the time out to reply. Yes i have used offline media before.

      My only concern would be around the domain join part via the offline media.

      I was thinking of CMG and utilising a cloud distribution point.

      The easiest and simplest way would be the USB part.

      Have you have used one of your task sequence to domain join a device whilst not having network connectivity?

      The main concern around offline media is the network dependancy parts, such as domain join as everything else is within the media

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