SCCM OSD TS fails at applying drivers with an 80092002 error


Got an issue that I don’t quite understand and my google foo has failed me. Got an OSD TS that runs just fine from usb boot media but will not complete from a required or available deployment. It fails at applying drivers with an 80092002 error.

Failed to create certificate store from encoded certificate. We use self signed certs and we don’t use pxe. Pxe is what I found via google to be the problem but since we don’t have pxe enabled and we haven’t ever then I am thinking that’s probably not the answer.

We are deploying Windows 10 Enterprise 21H1 and running MECM 2107 with the Hotfix KB11121541 installed. It also may only happen with this model of machine (Dell Latitude 7490) but I haven’t been able to confirm that yet.

I have also uploaded new drivers for this model using the Driver Automation Tool. Hopefully this is enough info to get started? Any thoughts or direction? Thanks in advance!

Posted by Gregory Gray in HTMD FB Group

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  1. Replied by John Yoakum – Are you using the script from the driver automation to apply the drivers? If so, what we found was that the way it identifies the machine and applies the drivers (through baseboard identification) sometimes doesn’t always match up.

    The driver automation tool is looking for a specific baseboard model, however, the actual machine either reports a different model or isn’t reporting anything, causing the driver to step to fail to find appropriate drivers. It’s a great tool, but not all tools are perfect.

    I would check to make sure that the baseboard model on the machine matches what is listed in the description of the drivers for models supported and go from there.

    There were times we had to add spaces between the models listed on the driver or even had to add baseboard models to make sure that it would search and find the right driver pack to apply

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  2. Replied by Eduard Kokesch – The step „apply drivers“ has nothing to do with the type of boot (pxe, or usb); what is on your USB stick (full TS or only boot sequence); same DP as with deployment???

    Replied by Gregory Gray – it’s only the boot image. Yes, it’s the same DP’s.

    Replied by Eduard Kokesch – And it means, that the new OS is fully installed if you reboot the machine after your TS is stuck at apply drivers…

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