SCCM Policy download issue on VPN Clients


Environment details:

1 Primary with two remote management points( SCCM Version 1910 , client version 5.00.8913.1012)

Hello All,

We are currently setting up a new environment and currently there are only 2000 clients in this environment, it has been noticed that few clients on VPN are not receiving the policies.

Machines are added to application, package collections but the advertisement doesn’t reaches to them ever.

For workaround restarting SMSAgent host service fixes the issue and the assignment arrives in minutes post restart.

In Policy agent logs it shows no new assignment, no error in ccmmessaging. After restarting SMSAgent host service client tries to communicate with MP and then it shows pending assignmnets count and then it applies.

Have read it another forum that this is a issue faced by others also. Has anyone faced this issue in there environment?

Answers ( 2 )

  1. Location services log gives you any hint about this?

    Before and After restart what are the changes happened there ?

    In terms of mp selection ?


      Hello Anoop,
      I am closing this thread, raised a case with MS and they have confirmed it as a known bug and suggested to upgrade to 2002 version.

      Best answer

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