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We have deployed a TS to 1000+ plus machines in the month of February with expire on April but later sometime we have excluded 100 machines and extended the expire time to Dec 31 and removed the exclusions and now we could see that almost 50% plus machines are stating policy rejected and i could see in WMI the policy resided in RejectedPolicy.

Rejected reason is 2, Please help me to understand why it went to rejected state and also how to resolve it as we don’t want to deploy again as a new advertisement

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    There could be several reasons for policies getting rejected.

    There could issue with requirements… Have you analyzed the log files to get more details …

    PolicyEval.log etc?

    This is one other example you can check for policy rejection …

    But without more details I doubt we can help

    Many troubleshooting options over there in the above post

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