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Hello All,

Greetings for the day. I have one weird requirement but first the infra details as below:

SCCM Version : MECM 2002.

SQL Version : 2014 SP3. Hosted on Primary site only.
Primary Site OS : Server 2012 R2

DP : Total 26 DP’s- Running OS 2008R2, DHCP and DNS on the same box on all 26 local sites.

MP : Hosted on Primary site only.

SUP : Hosted on Primary site only.

WSUS : Hosted on Primary site only.

My Org is moving from Hyper-V to VMWare which will result in NETBIOS Name change for all servers currently hosted in Hyper-V including my primary site and DB.

Best way to achieve this task? Not restricting myself from any road including Entire Configuration Change.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you for the link Sir. That helps. Will call Sagar and see if any challenges.


    Hello Anoop Sir,

    Appreciate your prompt action. Is it possible to share any articles for the same?

  1. Hello Deepak – Unfortunately no option to do this without migrating each objects from one environment to other environment by building a parallel environment.

    Otherwise you need to keep the same host name and FQDN

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