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Need SQL query for getting details like SCCM client is pass inactive ,passactive in unknown state for patch compliance details for any software update deployment.


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    Hi Karthik ,

    i attached work document into question .need such information .


    thank you anoop ,

    let me check result for this query

  1. This is the query to find out inactive clients

  2. Declare @Collection varchar(8)
    Set @Collection = ‘SMS00001’
    select Distinct
    sys.name0 AS ‘Device’,
    CASE WHEN sys.Client0 = 1 THEN ‘YES’ WHEN sys.Client0 = 0 THEN ‘NO’ ELSE ‘NA’ END AS ‘ConfigMgr Client’,
    CASE WHEN sys.active0 = 1 THEN ‘YES’ WHEN sys.active0 = 0 THEN ‘NO’ ELSE ‘NO’ END AS ‘Active Client’,
    CASE WHEN sys.Obsolete0 = 1 THEN ‘YES’ WHEN sys.Obsolete0 = 0 THEN ‘NO’ ELSE ‘NA’ END AS ‘Obsolete Client’
    from v_r_system Sys

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