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  1. Hi Karthik ,

    i added document in question .need such information.

  2. Thank you Anoop and karthik .

    let me check result for this .

    Hi Karthik can we make for particular collection and sup .

  3. –All machines SUP Scan detailed report
    distinct Vrs.name0 as ‘ComputerName’,
    os.caption0 as ‘OSName’,
    Vrs.user_name0 as ‘UserName’,
    convert(nvarchar(26),ws.lasthwscan,100) as ‘LastHWScan’,
    convert(nvarchar(26),uss.LastScanTime,100) as ‘LastSUPScan’,
    uss.lasterrorcode as ‘LastSUPScanStatus’,
    uss.lastscanpackagelocation as ‘SUPLocationPath’
    from v_r_system as Vrs
    Left join v_gs_operating_system as os on os.resourceid=Vrs.resourceid
    Left join v_GS_WORKSTATION_STATUS as ws on ws.resourceid=Vrs.resourceid
    Left join v_updatescanstatus as uss on uss.ResourceId=Vrs.ResourceID
    order by uss.lasterrorcode

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