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Hi Team,

Need your advise on below query. We have got below cluster and 2 nodesĀ  from SQL team for the configuration of always on FCI for SCCM configuration. Say below eg.

SQL Cluster name: CL

1st node – SQL01

2nd Node – SQL02.

We couldn’t contact SQL team has they are not responding.

My query is , while installing the Primary Site ( MECM ). In the place of SQL Server name, which instance name should be given? It should be cluser name or 1st node or 2nd node.

Bit confused, please suggest kindly.



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  1. Which is reachable from the SCCM server when you ping? You don’t need to specify any cluster name but the SQL server name and instance.


      ok thanks,

      I have just given the naming convention for Eg for better understanding

      SQL cluster name –
      1 sql server –
      2 sql server –

      Just checked, All the 3 serves are pingable from SCCM.

      If I want to give the sql server name in CM install, which one I need to choose ? ( I could see sql01 and sql02 , both have management studio installed )

      And also reporting services installed only on

      Please advise which are servers to be choosen while installing CM and for reporting services ?


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