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Do anyone has sql query to find out the list of computers and user details from specific Security group irrespective of agent installed or not.

I can fetch the report from sccm however I have couple of computers where agent is not installed for which I am unable to get the user details. I already created the query however not getting the required result.

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    Irrespective of agent installed or not?
    Use PS.Make sure you install the AD Module for Windows PowerShell before you try fetching from AD.


      Thanks Deepak.
      Is there any possibility of getting data from sql to get the list of computers tagged under particular security group. This group is being used for patching.

      In my case, we don’t access to AD and my customer is looking to build a sql query for the same so that it can be used anytime when needed.


        I hope we discussed on Whatsapp and cleared everything?

        If not i would love to continue further discussion. As already explained the information being fetched without SCCM Agent installed can’t be trusted as it was not injected to DB by trusted source.

        Moreover you don’t need AD full access. Read-only access is enough to fetch the data from AD.

        Hope that answers.

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    if the SCCM Agent is not installed, the user information is not captured via hardware inventory

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