SCCM RACI matrix scope document


Dear Members –  AM looking for  SCCM RACI Matrix scope document .  Any one have such document please share me . Thanks in advance.

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    Got you. Don’t have anything else.

    Let’s see if my seniors post some reply.


    Got you.

    A vary basic draft below:

    Patch remediation for Desktop and laptops. Security Patch Compliance level
    DCM Issues for Rules
    Adding Boundaries for submitting baseline
    New Server Install using OSD. Failure Troubleshooting
    VM Building in Vmware using OSD. Failure Troubleshooting
    Re Baseline issues using OSD. Failure troubleshooting
    Log a case and Work with Microsoft if issue is not getting resolved by any of the team member
    Unhealthy servers for SCCM Agent health issues in SCCM Console
    Servers Reported Without AV Though AV is installed
    SCCM Service Related Issues on SCCM Servers.
    Patch remediation for Servers. Security Patch Compliance level
    Patch Deployment – Workstations
    Patch Deployment – Servers
    Change Management (Request, Planning, Resourcing, Approvals)
    SCCM Console Health Monitoring for MP, DP and Site Status
    Check DB Replication Between Primary Site and Child Site
    SCCM Console Health Monitoring for MP, DP and Site Status EMBASSY SCCM Infra Daily
    Check SCCM Ticket queue and assign ticket based on the issue description
    SCCM Client Coverage – Servers
    SCCM Client Coverage – Workstations
    SCCM Console Health Monitoring for MP, DP and Site Status SCCM Infra Daily


      Thanks for your time and response.
      To be honest this the output am not expecting , am looking for scope document which gives clear understanding of each task on SCCM managing by SCCM admin , patching team , OSD team etc ….


      I know this scope requirement is particular to each company and it’s internal document however looking for reference kind doc.

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