SCCM: Recover Secondary Site to a different Hardware



We lost hardware at secondary site. so we built a new server with same IP & FQDN.

what all points need to taken care while recovering secondary site at this new hardware.

Primary is with SQL Server while now on secondary we have installed SQL Express.

What all points need to take care..!!

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  1. You might have already raised a ticket with Microsoft, and they could have helped you to restore SCCM secondary server to new hardware.

    Pre-recovery tasks are the same as explained in

    1. Create new servers with the same name and FQDN–Make sure all the prerequisites are in place
    2. Make sure new servers are created in the same VLAN – This will make life much easier
    3. Make sure the Drive letters of newly provisioned servers are the same as existing servers

    Recovery Task:

    1. Make sure the secondary server is reachable from the primary
    2. Ensure all the security permissions are in place on both the servers – New Secondary and existing Primary .. maybe need to remove the old secondary server computer accounts from primary
    3, Follow the steps –

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