SCCM recovery without backup


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Can we build new SCCM server with same site code as we don’t have any backup available?



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    There is no inplace upgrade possible from SCCM Side from 2007 to 2012 or CB version. Because SCCM 2007 is 32 architect application and starting from SCCM 2012 is 64 architect.

    You can built new infra with different site code and different site name then migrate all objects from 2007 to 2012 or CB then set proper backup for your new infra.



    Just in case – was your earlier infra (for which you dont have backup) built on VMs ?
    If so check the possibility of snapshot restore :)


    As anoop said that is what MS recommended if I am not wrong

    but in my experience I have used the same site code, when I was trying to build a new infrastructure, we were trying to move to SCCM 2012 r2 from SCCM 2007.

    I was using that SCCM only for patching of 500+ servers no application deployment etc, before re installation I have ensured that removing the entries from AD system container, reinstalled the SCCM with same site code and server name was also same it did not give me any issues.

    As I had enough time and resource I had chance to experiment (that time I can always rebuild the SCCM VM if anything goes wrong and no impact to my sccm clients) and it worked.

    It is different form case to case, better to follow MS guidelines, I would suggest analyse your requirement and what and all you are currently managing with your SCCM and then take a call.


    You can build but it won’t help in anyways to get the client communicating with new server …

    You need to move the clients to new SCCM site

    My recommendation is to use the new site code

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