SCCM Report or Query to identify whether particular software is installed on machines


Hi What would be the best way to query multiple software installation status against a machine.

I’m looking to see if a Machine has specific software installed i.e

Mcafee, SAP, Toad

I want every machine in a collection to show a result for each status in a seperate column of a table.


(Header)Computer,  SAP , Mcafee , Toad
A, Installed,NotInstalled,Installed


When I use query editor it locks the query down to only show machines where 1 of the apps is installed but does not show machines where not installed.

Note: this is not for deployments via SCCM so cannot use the deployment status.



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    Hi Jitesh

    So unfortunately that will only show devices with it installed. I’m looking to see all devices and then a status column of installed not installed

  1. Hello, I think you can create a custom report to identify the installed application with the version from client machines! You can take a reference to the below post-

    + ConfigMgr Custom Report for Firefox Browser | SCCM | SQL Query

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