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Is there any inbuit report in SCCM which displays list of all devices along with client status (InstalledNot installed) against each in our environment.

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  1. Hi,

    Use below SQL query to get the result.
    Declare @CollectionID Varchar(8)
    Set @CollectionID = ‘SMS00001’
    Vrs.Name0 as ‘Computer Name’,
    Vrs.User_Name0 as ‘User Name’,
    case when Vrs.client0 = 1 then ‘Installed’
    else ‘NotInstalled’ end as ‘ClientAgentStatus’,
    case when summ.ClientActiveStatus = 0 then ‘Inactive’
    when summ.ClientActiveStatus = 1 then ‘Active’
    end as ‘ClientActiveStatus’,
    case when summ.IsActiveDDR = 0 then ‘Inactive’
    when summ.IsActiveDDR = 1 then ‘Active’
    end as ‘IsActiveDDR’,
    case when summ.IsActiveHW = 0 then ‘Inactive’
    when summ.IsActiveHW = 1 then ‘Active’
    end as ‘IsActiveHW’,
    case when summ.IsActiveSW = 0 then ‘Inactive’
    when summ.IsActiveSW = 1 then ‘Active’
    end as ‘IsActiveSW’,
    case when summ.ISActivePolicyRequest = 0 then ‘Inactive’
    when summ.ISActivePolicyRequest = 1 then ‘Active’
    end as ‘ISActivePolicyRequest’,
    case when summ.IsActiveStatusMessages = 0 then ‘Inactive’
    when summ.IsActiveStatusMessages = 1 then ‘Active’
    end as ‘IsActiveStatusMessages’,
    DATEDIFF ( DAY ,summ.LastPolicyRequest,getdate() ) ‘Last Communicated Day’,
    case when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 1 then ‘Not Yet Evaluated’
    when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 2 then ‘Not Applicable’
    when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 3 then ‘Evaluation Failed’
    when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 4 then ‘Evaluated Remediated Failed’
    when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 5 then ‘Not Evaluated Dependency Failed’
    when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 6 then ‘Evaluated Remediated Succeeded’
    when LastHealthEvaluationResult = 7 then ‘Evaluation Succeeded’
    end as ‘Last Health Evaluation Result’,
    case when LastEvaluationHealthy = 1 then ‘Pass’
    when LastEvaluationHealthy = 2 then ‘Fail’
    when LastEvaluationHealthy = 3 then ‘Unknown’
    end as ‘Last Evaluation Healthy’,
    case when summ.ClientRemediationSuccess = 1 then ‘Pass’
    when summ.ClientRemediationSuccess = 2 then ‘Fail’
    else ”
    end as ‘ClientRemediationSuccess’,
    from V_R_System Vrs
    Left join v_CH_ClientSummary summ on Vrs.ResourceID = summ.ResourceID
    Where Vrs.ResourceID in (select ResourceID from v_FullCollectionMembership fcm where fcm.CollectionID = @CollectionID)
    order by Vrs.Name0


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  2. It’s not very relevant report to understand the client health. I would rather use latest hardware inventory report with device name to understand whether the client is healthy or not

    • what is the hardware inventory report with device name to extract? and does that report will provide details of all computers with NO SCCM client installed as well..

      • if there is no sccm client on it there wont be any details on the machine. are you just looking for a report that gives you a list of systems that doesnt have the sccm client on it?

  3. There is inbuilt reports for “client status summary” to displays the client check results of active clients for a given collection.

    Check Inside Monitoring > Reporting > Client Status

    Check the more client status Inbuilt reports here –

    • None of the reports you mentioed above will display computer name along with client status.
      I need computer name and client status details for all the devices in my environment.

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