SCCM script got expired, how to rerun the script


Hi Dear friends, I have deployed a PowerShell script via SCCM run Script,

I have deployed to 40 system but the script got succeeded only 16 and the script got expired, rest of the system shows Offline,

The script is not distributing again those are all in the failed state,

Could you please help me to solve this issue?

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    SCCM Script feature is only applicable when the machines are connected with corp network and machine should be online and this will hit only one time on client side.

    You can create this script using package model approach in SCCM then deploy the script on all those machines. Now your issue will be addressed.



    You can run scripts only to ONLINE devices and script will times-out in ONE hour.

    So the solution is to make all client ONLINE – How to make that happen –

    Please refer –

    LOGs related to SCCM ConfigMgr PowerShell script deployment- Please refer for more troubleshooting

    On the client, by default in C:\Windows\CCM\logs:
    1. Scripts.log
    2. CcmMessaging.log

    On the MP, by default in C:\SMS_CCM\Logs:

    On the site server, by default in C:\Program Files\Configuration Manager\Logs:
    1. SMS_Message_Processing_Engine.log

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