SCCM Server Infra in-place upgrade to 2019


We are planning to upgrade the server operating system from 2012 R2 to 2019 which has SCCM 2010 CB installed.

The current SCCM infra has one primary (Physical Box) and two secondary sites (Virtual Box) and we are planning to build new boxes with 2019 server operating system.

For Content distribution, we have 1E Nomad

Can you please suggest the right steps to move the complete SCCM infra to new virtual machines?

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    Do you know the in-place upgrade of SCCM server infra is supported. So you don’t need to take back and restore it on the new 2019 server.

    Rather you can upgrade the OS of your physical server (SCCM primary) and secondary servers to 2019.

    Another option to perform this ConfigMgr server infra migration is to take a backup and restore …

    I have explained both the options in the following thread

    Upgrade Operating system of CAS and Primary Sites

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