SCCM Server Infrastructure Monitoring Script


I have gone through a script for “SCCM Server Infrastructure Monitoring Script” from below post. But I am not getting any output as i followed all updated blogs


I dont know why I am not getting output… I have followed after  updated blog.
1. copied and run script
2. ConfigFile.XML created and made changes as per environment
3. Then I run the script again but no output except below.
File Name : ConfigMgr_Daily_Servers_Health_Check_Reports
Purpose : ConfigMgr_Daily_Servers_Health_Check_Reports to sent an email
Version : 01.00
Date : 27/01/2021
Author : Project Test | [email protected]
I didnt find any output file at ConfigMgr_Daily_Servers_Health_Check_Reports or any sub folder

Did I miss anything or am I doing something wrong. Please guide what next I have to do

Thanks in advance: A new Learner in PS

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    Could someone show a sample config file? I always get the following message:

    Error: MECM Central DB ServerName or Central MECM DB Name is not properly mentioned in Config XML File or Your Account d
    oes not have sufficient Access

    The files are on the Primary Site Server and “MECM_Servers_Health_Check_Reports_V2.0.ps1” is always run as administrator.



    Script is not fully posted in website. I have requested admin to post the script in public GitHub repository.


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