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Hello Leads,

Recently I got into a project to do the upgradation from 1810 to 1910. Before I could start I noticed that these SCCM physical servers (1 CAS, 2 Primary) has not been patched from one year.

Most of the SCCM Servers are 2012  wintel team have decided to go for server OS upgradation to 2016 / 2019.

When I checked with out patching team to include these servers into their patching cycle they bluntly said its running on very old h/w IBM x3650 and this potentially cause server crash hand SCCM might breakdown

Whats the best solution?

Can i upgrade sccm without its servers having recent patches?



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    You can go through the below article from MS to check the Prerequisites:

    It clearly mentions to install all critical OS updates on each site system.

    Install all applicable critical updates for operating systems on computers that host the site, the site database server, and remote site system roles
    Before you upgrade a site, install any critical updates for each applicable site system. If an update that you install requires a restart, restart the applicable computers before you start the service pack update.

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