SCCM Software Updates ALL MS office Patches Disable from Updates Folder and for Future


Dear All,

I have one of the requirements in the SCCM patch manager, as I need to disable all MS office updates from my customer environment for future we can do by classifications disable, but the current definitions which are already in the software updates how we can disable, so that it will not scan in my customer environment.

Any idea to do all this my customer is using the sccm 2002 Version.


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    1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to Administration > Overview > Site Configuration > Sites.
    2. Click Configure Site Components in the Settings group, and then click Software Update Point to open Software Update Point Component Properties.
    3. Click the Supersedence Rules tab, select Run WSUS cleanup wizard, and then click OK.

    Try these steps after unchecking the product in SUP and Sync the updates. They should disappear.

    Let me know how it goes

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    If my understanding is correct you can uncheck the products you do not require from Products Tab under SUP settings in Administration Section.

    please let me know if it helps.


      Dear Arun,
      Thanks for your reply I have already uncheck this from SUP but the definitions have already been downloaded and getting scanned in my environment for the last 6 months how to ignore those from the software updates folder, so that noway they scan anymore.

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