SCCM Sql Server Migration from 2021 to 2019


Hi We currently have SCCM 2012 r2 with SQL 2012.

We plan on upgrading the environment to new servers as we need to decommission the old physical servers.  I have setup a new VM 2019 with SQL 2019, whats the best ways to upgrade from SCCM SQL 2012 and migrate to SQL 2019 ?

Should I firstly upgrade the SQL 2012 server and then backup and restore on the new server?

Sql 2012 is currently on the same box as SCCM and we plan to move SQL to a separate box.

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  1. You can follow SCCM Migration SQL Server step-by-step guide by Rajul and let us update if any further queries.

    +SCCM Migration SQL Server – Installation|Part 1| ConfigMgr

    + SCCM SQL Server Database Migration | Part 2 |ConfigMgr| Step by Step

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