SCCM SQL Tables- mismatch between 2 tables – V_R_Data and Computer_System_Data.



data that is appearing in another Inventory but not reflecting in the SCCM Report data that is appearing in another inventory but not reflecting in sccm report. please help how will syn 2 table each other up to dat

any ways to create procedure – & create job in SQL run every 10min

V_R_Data data update information to Computer_System_Data. ?

can we modify or any changes in default table ?







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    V_R_System – This is view which will refer the data from System_Disc table.
    Computer_System_Data – This is table but actual view for this table is V_GS_Computer_System_Data

    V_R_System view information – Any object which will be discovered from AD and available in SCCM database that information you can get it from V_R_System view and this is master view for all objects.
    This will contains both agent installed and not installed machines entries.

    V_GS_Computer_System_Data – This view only updates when the hardware inventory is happened on those machines and same time client should be active.

    That’s why you can see more difference between these 2 views.

    Please don’t modify or force the sync on these 2 views using any manual method. These is normal basis behavior of SCCM product.


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    Microsoft highly recommended to don’t make any changes in SCCM database else you will not get support from microsoft.

    Please provide more information about your requirement. I will help on that in SQL part.



      Yes sir,

      Mismatch between Flex-era Inventory and SCCM Report

      what is role below tables exactly –


      for SCCM Reporting purpose we used V_r_system which data correct.

      And Flex-era Inventory – used Computer_system_data Asset inventory purpose.

      But here – in
      V_r_system & Computer_system_data miss match between 2 tables ?

      V_r_system in details to sync with Computer_system_data- how to fix

      where V_r_system & Computer_system_data between data up to date.?

      please suggest ? or any alternate ways to sync -table real time ?

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