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if I upgrade my sccm version then need to upgrade all my sccm client version that would be upgraded by automatically or do I need to push client installation method every time.
And, if my old sccm client would not updated due to some reason that would get synced from sccm server? wanted to know that is there any impact if client version not updated.. as I am doing patching every weekend so want to make sure that would be no impact after upgraded sccm.

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    There is no impact if you do not upgrade the client version. MECM client agent is always backward compatible however it is strongly recommended that you stay on the latest client agent version.

    Automatic and Manual is a choice you have to make based on the org requirements , standard process followed. Some enterprise organizations still prefer to upgrade client agent with manual method in phased manner due to various dependency and control factors like testing, bandwidth etc.

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    Just to add there are some details

    Fix SCCM Pre-Release Features are Grayed Out | Enable | ConfigMgr


    Hello Rajesh, For “Automate Client Upgrade” from Hierarchy Settings | Client Upgrade Tab!

    – Validate Upgrade all clients in hierarchy using production client should checked.

    – Please check methods described here –

    I don’t think, there’s any issue when you managing new and older client version form upgraded SCCM | MEMCM version. It is always recommend to update the client when possible to avoid any issues and for best experiences.


    In “Hierarchy Settings Properties” on “Client Upgrade”-tab, you can specify how clients automatically get updated.
    I will also suggest you set “Heartbeat Discovery” to 1 day.
    To get the benefit of the CM update, you WILL want to update all client to latest build, but CM is backward compatible, so your old clients will work.
    If any client – after a while – are not updated, they might have a problem – then push the new client to them.

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