SCCM upgrade from 1802 to 1906 version


Hi all,

Having 2 server roles 1 CAS & 1 Primary site manager.

Wanted to upgrade from 1802 to 1906 version. have some following queries.

  1. Understanding about the backup of all site servers – have third party tool which is enough capable to take backup of all sql instance or do I need follow MS article –

2.  If I upgrade sccm version 1906, would it impact  on my wsus server which is running on same node ? Do I need to take any files or need to change on wsus server post upgrade?

3. When I start upgrade to CAS server? Then would follow the same process for my primary site server.

Thanks in advance.

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    1. Always recommended to take backup as mentioned in the link you provided. But, I have seen in many organizations, SCCM admins take a snapshot of the server or TSM backup. Both are useful and more than enough.

    2. You don’t have to do anything with WSUS roles installed on the server. SCCM upgrade will only touch SCCM components.

    Always check whether all the other component versions like ADK, WinPE, etc are supported or not… All these points are clearly explained in

    3. You just need to initiate the installation from CAS and primary will automatically get upgraded. Normally if you don’t have set any service windows at the primary site level

    My Experience –

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      Thanks Anoop, One more query, if I upgrade my sccm version then need to upgrade all my sccm client version that would be upgraded by automatically or do I need to push client installation method every time.
      And, if my old sccm client would not updated due to some reason that would get synced from sccm server? wanted to know that is there any impact if client version not updated.. as I am doing patching every weekend so want to make sure that would be no impact after upgraded sccm.

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