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Hi all,

I am using SCCM version 1802, now wanted to upgrade version 1910. as per the ms, the minimum version 1806. And also not showing update 1910 version in my console, however 1906 version is available for ready to install.

Can I do upgrade from 1802 to 1910 if yes can you share full article?

I read some PowerShell script to be executed so that can get updates 1910. but not sure that will work or it would be create another problem in my setup. please suggest

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    To update to 1910, you must use version 1806 or later . You can’t directly go from 1802 to 1910.

  1. This is expected …you won’t get 1910 update on 1802 version.

    If your MECM CB version is SCCM 1810 or SCCM 1902, or SCCM 1906 (Read More details about SCCM Life Cycle), then only you shall get 1910 …

    More details –

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    Even I tried to run early update ring script for 1910 version but nothing has happened and getting following error in log.
    HasIntuneSubscription: Site has no Intune subscription.

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