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I am trying to upgrade the SCCM version. The current SCCM version is 1802. The SCCM server is not exposed to internet (due to security concerns), I have to go with offline upgrade method.

The latest version available now for SCCM is 2006. I have searched on MS articles for the upgrade process from 1802 to 2006 but seems that I cannot direct upgrade it from 1802 to 2006.

I have to firstly upgrade it to 1906 and then from 1906–>2006.

I have found some in-place upgrade options which I can use to upgrade till 2002 version but not sure whether I can do it from 1802 directly.

Please let me know if this is the correct approach or I can plan it in other way.


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  1. In place upgrade from baseline image 2002 ? I’m not so sure that is supported. I think this is not recommended way to upgrade.

    I think only option is to get to the 1902 version and then upgrade to 2006?

    However, it’s better to raise a support case to clarify the support scenarios to be sure.

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