SCCM upgrade prerequisite failure (2002 to 2103)


Hello Team,

We are trying to upgrade our SCCM infra from 2002 to 2103.

While running the pre requite check its failing while checking for windows Assessment and deployment tool kit.

Log files from Configmgrprereq.log

ERROR: Failed to find recent version of ADK on Server name. You must install ADK 10. Operating System Deployment features of Configuration Manager depend on it $$<Configuration Manager Prereq><04-28-2021 03:58:59.888+300><thread=13396 (0x3454)>

ERROR: ‘Deployment Tools’ component of latest ADK is not installed on <Server Name>. You must install ADK 10 $$<Configuration Manager Prereq><04-28-2021 03:58:59.888+300><thread=13396 (0x3454)>

<Server Name> Windows Deployment Tools installed; Error; The Windows Deployment Tools component of Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 10 is required and must be installed before Setup can continue. It is required on primary sites and SMS Provider. It is needed by operating system deployment features of Configuration Manager. See $$<Configuration Manager Prereq><04-28-2021 03:58:59.889+300><thread=13396 (0x3454)>


We have installed the latest version of ADK 2004 in this server.

Any suggestion or thoughts for this issue

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