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I am part of infra which have 1 lakh + devices . We have planned to upgrade from sccm 1906 to 2006 .After going through the known issues with 2006 I am still not sure if we are good to upgrade to 2006 .. just want to know if there are any challenges in clients  post upgrading to V2006 .please let me know on the same

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    One of the issue mentioned in release notes, since you are going from 1906 so this might be relevant for you.

    Client policy error when you deploy a task sequence
    Applies to: Configuration Manager version 2006 early update ring

    When you deploy a task sequence to a client, a required task sequence doesn’t install at the deadline, and an available task sequence doesn’t appear in Software Center. You see status message 10803 with a description similar to the following error message:

    The client failed to download policy. The data transfer service returned “BITS error: ‘The server’s response was not valid. The server was not following the defined protocol. (-2145386469).

    This issue occurs when you configure the management point for HTTPS, and the device uses Configuration Manager client version 1906 or earlier.

    To work around this issue, update the Configuration Manager client on the device to version 1910 or later.

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  1. But I will let you test the things in your test or pre-production environment. This is also one of the best practices followed by most of the big orgs

  2. You are good to go IMHO after the roll-up update released last week.

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